Irwin Inn Facilities

Wedding Ceremony
With 200 acres of property, your marriage vows can be pledged in an area suitable to you. At the very edge of The Irwin Inn sits a small, quaint white wooden church. Ross and Norma Irwin, first generation of The Irwin family, were the first couple married in this church, 67 years ago.

A beautiful stone patio leading to the dining room is a scenic area, as is the golf course, surrounded by pine and cedar woods. The tree lined open fields on property offer a unique setting. The beach area or the wooden lakeside deck in front of post and beam spa suites is an attractive alternative. For a very small wedding, the Premier Suite is exceptional.

Wedding Reception & Dinner
After the Cocktail Reception guests enter the Main Inn Dining Room overlooking magnificent Stoney Lake, where dinner is served. This room with a stunning lake view is set according to the bride and groom’s wishes. The Irwin Inn provides Frette brand white cotton tablecloths and napkins. Amount of time for speeches must be predetermined and upheld.

A dance to celebrate your wedding is a possibility. Some rearranging of tables is necessary in the dining room. Music will terminate by a time mutually agreed upon by The Irwin Inn and the bride and groom.

Alcohol and Bar Services
The Irwin Inn dining room and patio are licensed by the LLBO, and therefore all alcohol in these areas will be under the control of The Irwin Inn.

With almost forty rooms, suites and cottages at The Irwin Inn, there is accommodation for all of your guests to stay. Rates vary depending on the type of room whether it be a basic hotel style room or a luxurious cottage with private pool. Click the Accommodation link in the menu at the top of this page for more information and pictures regarding accommodation for you and your guests on and surrounding your special day.

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